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The Main Menu
The main menu offers the following features:
Quick Race:
This button allows you to choose the track you want to race on and what kind of race you want to compete in. There are three different race modes to choose from: Pack, which lets you race against up to seven AI oppenents; Clock, in which you are just competing for fast race and lap times; Ghost Car, which allows you to race on a lap by lap basis against a "ghost" of either your current races fastest lap, or against the fastest lap ever comleted in your currently selected driving mode (arcade, simulation, etc.). Basically, this screen controls four vitale aspects of your general racing experience: What you race, How you race, Where you race, and against Whom you race.


Everything you need for life in the fast lane is packaged here. The career mode in Viper Racing lets you compete in four different classes of the Viper Racing League. By winning races you earn money which you can then use to upgrade your car and move up through the ranks in your ultimate quest, to win the Viper Racing League GT cup.


This button controls multiplayer aspects of VR. You can race against your friends by Direct Connection, TCP/IP Internet, by LAN, or by Modem.
For directions on how to play multiplayer on the internet, check the short tutorial here - How-to Multiplayer


This feature allows you to view saved replays of your previous races. Jim's tip: Save replays of either your best lap times or those of your oppenents. They can be a helpful learning tool, watching them for the best line to drive and the best braking point, etc...


The last button in the main menu allows you to adapt Viper Racing to your personal liking and needs. Using this feature, you can adjust graphics and sound effects and set driving features for your joystick, keyboard, or steering wheel. Before checking these features out though, you may want to personalize your game. Just click the "Player" dialog box on the main menu to change your name to anything you like. This is the first way to customize Viper Racing. Others follow.



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